Cooler master cosmos ii ultra tower czarny, srebrny zabezpieczenia & uchwyty komputerów

Curved Tempered Glass INNOVATIVE DUAL CURVED DARK GLASS Ever since the launch of the original Cosmos II, fans have been asking, or making by themselves, for a windowed side panel. Cooler Master has accepted the challenge and to celebrate the 25th anniversary we have released this special edition. For this special edition we even take it a step further: Both sides come with beautifully crafted curved tempered side panels that blend seamlessly with the sophisticated contours of the case. A Legacy of Aluminum The first aluminum chassis was made by Cooler Master under the ATCS series. This 25th anniversary edition of Cosmos II is paying its tribute żeby changing the M/B Tray & Partition Plate to aluminum. Plus it adds a touch of premium. A Touch of Premium This special edition features an updated design with two distinctive brushed aluminum handles and a soft brushed aluminum sheen on the front and top panels. The top slide panel covers the Advanced Control Panel and hidden behind the front slide panel lies a stack of hot-swappable drive bays. - 1. Solid brushed aluminum handles - 2. Solid brushed aluminum covered top - 3. Solid brushed aluminum front panel Blue LED Ambient Lighthing When thinking about the cosmos, the color blue will spring to mind. Blue is also the color first used in our chassis. This chassis will bring back that feeling and it will emphasize the beauty of your components with a discrete blue glow from the front LED fan and strip displayed through the tinted tempered glass panels. Streamlined Airflow Individual cooling zones make sure you have an improved thermal management and a streamlined airflow. With a 200mm blue LED fan in the front and a 120mm fan in the back you are already certain from a quiet cooling performance.